Predicting the Impact of Regional Scale Events on the Aquaculture Sector

Project number: EAPA_182/2016

PRIMROSE, which is developing a new system application that helps predict the risk and impact of harmful algal bloom events (HABs) as well as the future impact of climate driven changes on the aquaculture sector. The project builds on existing monitoring programmes carried out in the partners regions to estimate harmful blooms, shellfish toxins and microbial contamination to comply with EU regulations. It will add value to these programmes by re-use of valuable data that is already being generated.

The PRIMROSE project (2017-2020), includes a consortium of nine partners from across an area known as the Atlantic Arc in Europe. The area is along the Atlantic coast of Western Europe, and members include Ireland, United Kingdom, France, Portugal and Spain.

The PRIMROSE project will further develop ASIMUTH, a harmful algal bloom forecasting system to provide improved forecasts at a higher resolution, a wider suite of parameters, a new index based risk assessment and will encompass aquaculture from the Shetland to the Canary Islands.

This improved forecast will include microbial risk and climate impacts, in addition to algal bloom predictions and will benefit from improved spatial resolution of the new generation Sentinel satellite data products.

The transnational aspects of PRIMROSE will be developed through the implementation of a portal system using common best practice and methodologies and a joint front end. This new system will develop an easily understandable traffic-light risk index. Reporting procedures will be standardised, and partly automated for an expert evaluator to have information available to make an accurate forecast.


Products produced by the project are likely to benefit policy makers, risk regulators, food safety authorities and the shellfish and fin-fish industry and will exploit existing EU investment in marine observing infrastructure.


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