BIOTEChnological exploitation of MARine products and by-products


Marine biological resources such as seaweeds, fish and shellfish products, by-products and extracts are sources of valuable ingredients and bioactive molecules. Marine resources from fisheries, aquaculture and seaweed harvesting sectors generate important direct and indirect economic activities. These sectors produce a large amount of waste and by-products, which should be considered as raw materials for the production of valuable ingredients for food, animal and human nutrition, cosmetics and health. The main objective of Biotecmar is to set up and incorporate a fully integrated chain for the production of value added compounds derived from the Atlantic Marine resources. Biotecmar's overall aim is to help the companies of the Atlantic Area (which are mainly SMEs) to take advantage of the use of modern biotechnological tools and contribute to a diversification of the activities derived from marine biomass exploitation within the strict framework of sustainable management of marine natural sources.


  • Fisheries, aquaculture, seaweed harvesting and seafood processing as source of raw material.
  • Fish waste conservation, collection and transport and processing.
  • Production and commercialization of bioactive compounds and/or ingredients derived from processing to be used for the food, feed, nutrients, cosmetics and therapeutic industries.
  • Develop and transfer R&D in marine biotechnology.

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A 3 YEARS ACTION PLAN (2009-2011)

  • Identification and quantification of marine by-products (volume, quality)
  • Training sessions, practical workshops, matchmaking events: legislation, traceability, by-products conservation, biotechnological and transformation processes.
  • Database of marine stakeholders.
  • Offers/demands of by-products.
  • Cooperation between labs and SMEs /industrials.
  • SMEs support for launching innovative projects.

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